Amanda Scott the Colorstreet homewrecker

This homely homewrecker lives in Waterville, Maine and likes to breakup marriages and sleep with married men. She will even have the audacity to go to your home and fuck your husband. Turns out the man she was married to before her current husband left her for cheating on him with a married man too. The man she’s currently married to had been in a relationship that she homewrecked prior to marrying him as well. And she is still at it, clearly with such little self respect that she has to keep going after taken men. She will even be sweet as pie to your face, offer to babysit your children, give you color street gifts, and be your best friend all while fucking your husband behind your back. Keep this serial homewrecker far away from your family.

3 Replies to “Amanda Scott the Colorstreet homewrecker”

  1. This creature slept with my husband also. Apparently she hasn’t learned.

    Her current husbands name is brian. Has anyone let him know?

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