Amelie Vandar — Quebec, Canada

This girl who cheats on her boyfriend with mine … was not her first attempt She worked with my husband. De she knew he was married and the father of 2 children. My husband is as at fault as she is. Even more, since it was he who was committed to me. Not her. Yet, she came to my house, met my children. She invited us to have dinner at her place with her boyfriend. Trying to bond with me. Who is also twisted? When I found out that she was sucking his c**k, on her couch while her boyfriend was away, Here is what she says: “I’m sorry you found out about all of this”. No, she’s not sorry that she did that, just she’s sorry that I found out. . Seriously? She’s on an anti-depressant, my boyfriend developed Nurse Syndrome with that poor girl. I realized that a less beautiful, less funny, less luminous than me could do the trick … I know today that after 15 years, 2 children and … a mistress, my husband loves me and desires me with a passion that she will never know because she is ugly inside and out. She also taught me moral lessons about infidelity and how I judge her …. Really b***h? You’ve cheated on your boyfriend before and today you’re crying because he dumped you. Certainly with your orange eyeliner, your homemade pies and your passion for cute cats, you never would have believed that you would cheat on your boyfriend without any guilt. In short, in front of her, I never felt bad and ugly. De my boyfriend has come to his senses and has faced my anger and facing my pain since a year. He’s hanging on to fix us. We’re going to get there, but never let the little b1tches who think they’re above everyone else make you think you’re worthless. Especially when she sucks badly, and that she agrees to get fuked in a hotel room at 60 € (which she pays, pity girl!) In the suburbs of Nantes

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