Ashley Andreas — Alberta, Canada


Well, men watch out for this fat disgusting pig Ashley Andreas. Jumps from d1ck to d1ck to d1ck. From Monty Modin to Benjy Dyck to CJ Gilmore. Now she claims she lives in Burstall but really she is in Medicine Hat. This greasy meted out whore can’t keep her legs or her mouth shut. But I’m sure Monty Modin has no problems sticking up for the greasy slore. She lives in absolute filth. Animal piss and sh1tall over. She stinks like cat piss and a hundred packs of smokes. Her last man CJ Hilmoe got A whole bunch of charges, including theft and Trashley was selling the stolen items on Facebook!! Watch out she will get you to move in with her then she will fuk you over ask for her money back and leave you homeless or scrambling to look for a new place. Did I mention she has kids? She always claims she is a great and glorified parent when the truth is she hasn’t seen her kids in person in months because she can’t feed them or clothe them. So when she tells you she has kids or they live with her that’s a bunch of bullsh1t..

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