Brittany Leo — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Let me start by saying my husband is not off the hook while this slut is where my anger is directed. My husband is reminded every day and has to take lie detectors just to stay in our home. This home wrecker slept with my husband while I was 7 months pregnant with our second child. This sorry excuse of a woman would even ask my husband about my ultrasound appointments and prenatal visits! You can’t get more sick and twisted! I was at home struggling with our first son who was 9 months at the time who has autism trying to get through my second pregnancy while she was cheating on her man with my husband. She knew he was married, she knew he just had a child, she knew he had another on the way. When my husband wouldn’t leave me she texted me and told me everything! I still have all the text and all his data from words with friends (how they talked so it wasn’t on phone bills). This sl00t is so crazy she had all my family photos on her phone, she showed them all to me, it was like she was stalking me. This slore works with children! Considering she didn’t give an F about my children I wouldn’t let her work with my dog! The sl00t was trying to get her bills paid thinking my husband has money meanwhile he was flaunting my money, my husband is broke! I didn’t know this the night I met you Brittany but you were right about 1 thing. You were not special or the only one my husband was talking to you! He later confessed to others during therapy! Don’t think you were special, you were not, you were just one of many dumb slores. Asking about my unborn child makes you the worst! FYI get checked. de, If you are Brittany Leo’s sister sanitize your house because that is where she would F my husband sometimes.

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