Brittney Venable — Breinigsville, Pennsylvania


This 23 year old woman was recently married with a 1 year old son, married for 6 months when she decided to throw herself at my 41 year old husband. I knew from the beginning what was going on but was constantly being lied to by both of them. They would have sex at work inside the building or In the car. Brittney has no remorse no conscience. She is a disgusting human being. Our marriage was not in the best shape but divorce was not considered until she came along. I wanted to try and work things out for our 10 year old daughters sake and was told no. I asked her to back off while we figured things out. She wouldn’t. He refused to stop talking to her. This girl changed my daughter’s life today and for that reason I despise her. My daughter and I Moved away, I filed for divorce after almost 10 years of marriage and 12 years of being together. The best part is we are divorced and she is not. They are also supposedly not together anymore either. Everyone needs to know what kind of person she is. Her family and friends should know the truth about her. She portrays herself as a good person, which she is not. Good people do not go around ruining children’s lives and sleeping with married men. Her M.O. is to find people at work and anyone is fair game. One day I hope she experiences the pain I felt.

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