Carissa Chou — Coquitlam, Canada


let me start, this girl Carissa Chou is the dirtiest girl. She is a floozy. I met her on Tinder while I was some issues in my relationship. So from the time I met her. I told her I was not into a relationship and she told me she only wanted to get laid. She asked me to take her out for food and give her some money to sleep with her because she needed rent money. After seeing her 3 times she forced me to take pictures with her to get rid of her ex and I tried to help, but instead sent it to a girl that I love. The biggest b*tch that only wants to get f**ked and ruins relationships because she is so desperate and alone. She is a very low standard escort available on tinder. She acts so innocently, but she is a psycho. She is so ugly and filthy.

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