Chantelle Campbell — Calgary, Canada

Rhis ladies and gentlemen is Chantelle Campbell. You may recognize her from her 15 seconds of fame a grew years back…when she was arrested and convicted of manslaughter. Ya look it up ..but that’s not why we are here. Rhis my friends is the lowest type of female…rhe one rhat makes us all look bad. DE THIS HOOD RAT DIRTY SLOOT SLEPT WIRH MY HUSBAND. Then…oh yes and then tried to be my bestfriend ! $!! Had the nerve ro deny it to my face and actually get mad at me….yelled at me over Bluetooth in fact….with my kids in the car!!!!!!! Oh i know too have questions…yes my husband is in the doghouse. Yes he knows what he did….and no i haven’t left. You see, she made a move on him when he was most vulnerable….the night he got into a major car accident and was lucky to be alive. She had the b***s to offer to watch my kids…even had my husband take them from school ro her house…without me knowing!!!!! Tried to give me advice…offer to help…..even invited us for dinner!!! This chick is nothing more than a gutter slore. De she will f*k anything that walks and she thinks she can use To Chantelle….you tried s***t…you tried. But I fuking saw right through you. I knew. He did too. You make me sick

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