Dena Kessler Altman — Nashville, Tennessee


If you walk the streets looking for a cheap piece of a*s this is the girl just for you. This flappy-pussed S**t and w***e is not getting the geezer calls she used to get. She has no respect for herself or anyone. Dena used to be one of the most passed around c***s in Nashville. That was when she was living in her boyfriend’s parent’s house, cheating on him constantly and tricking with any old guy who made a pass at her. Nowadays, she’s letting her a*s get fat sitting around eating and having s*x with all kinds of guys waiting to get noticed. Who cares if they have a girlfriend or wife give this girl some fireball and she will rock your world. When she does, the old Hoebag slips into action, she needs to update her fashion and looks and schedule some botox appointments. She needs a date. Dena Kessler Altman

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