Dorian Lee Price

Cheater and drug user for years. Has s*x and cheats with women for the last 10 years with up to 4 women that I know of. He seems sweet, damaged and vulnerable at first but he quickly changes into abusive behavior. All he does is smoke, take Adderall, talk about himself and smoke. He smokes all day long. He has a weird way with women. He loves, manipulates, hurts and then gets tired of them after lying. Then he hates. He laughs at women crying. He’s a habitual liar and has s*x with women in front of his friends!! Meaning, he would have s*x with a woman and his buddy would join in with another woman. Some relationship…All he does is stay at home, smoke weed, take Adderall and complain to his mother. Stay away. He can pretend to care for years but you’ll get nothing from a bottom feeder like him. All he does is use people and then claim that you’re dumb for even questioning him. He has an abusive personality.

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