Emma Kolanowski — Chambersburg, Pennsylvania


Emma Kolanowski of chambersburg Pa started to stay with my friend and her husband in Philly in September of 2014. She said she was having trouble with her pervert father and would come most weekends for 3 or 4 days. She lied to our entire group claiming she was single, when she had actually been married in Philly in June 2014. Emma Kolanowski then started an affair with my friends husband. Emma Kolanowski would travel back and forth with constant stories of her father and how messed up he was. Little did we know that she was not only married but had 2 other ongoing affairs, one in Hagerstown MD and one with a drug dealer in Chambersburg PA. The guy in Philly did divorce her after she gave all involved an std. But beware Emma Kolanowski continues with her slutty ways. The sad part is she has ruined several marriages and is proud of doing it. Emma Kolanowski from Chambersburg PA. Beware

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