Francisco Jimenez — Nebraska

I was dating Francisco for 7 years & we were engaged to be married & we have a almost 6 y/o daughter together. The entire time we were together Francisco was repeatedly accused of RAPE & touching girls inappropriately including my own niece & my sister claims he made passes at her but she’s a whore & lies about everything so that idk if it’s actually true or not & she never mentioned it to me before until she started family problems. Francisco seemed like a good guy but he lies so much & I don’t deserve the stuff he did to me. Nobody has any proof of any of the allegations just a bunch of he/she said bullshyt especially about the RAPE part that girl has a new story every year & a new picture of a new man every year that she says is Francisco however not one picture she has sent to me has been him. I’m exposing him because I don’t know if any of this is true & ive reached out to Steve Wilkos because why do I need to be publicly humiliated when it’s not me who’s doing these disgusting things ?? I’m tired of being threatened that my kids are being taken away, or cps is coming to my home or detectives who annoy the crap outta me or just idiots in general. It’s not fair to me. Francisco needs to man up to his mistakes especially if they are true & take care of this once and for all. Be careful he’s very persuasive & narcissistic. de He lied to my face so many times & finally yesterday I had to tell him goodbye because I can not handle anymore heartbreak it’s affecting me mentally & physically.

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