Fwb and many they are for him only


Ray is a narcissist looking for his pleasure only. Not yours. He will live bomb you to get what he wants. Make you feel special until you find out heus fucking several one night stands as he looks at you saying he loves you. Naricissts are only capable of loving what they want. Nothing more. Think you truly are loved. Never. As Dr. Phil says get away now. Add in the fact they are insecure and have drug and alcohol problems means your life will be dictated once he has control over you, yes he will do not kid yourself. Shat you see at first is not the end result. He will steal from you. Give you STD’S and blame you. I met him 3 times I got chlamydia I was clean he denied it. He refuses to use condoms . Stated I was refusing him his manly desires for the total expletive of sex. He was clean no sex in years. LiR. Found him on many sites. Player. Please ladies and any couples or bi-sexual. I have my reason for that statement back door to the floor. He is not a clean person by any means. HD my friend make up a post. She sent him a message sure enough he was eager to meet her up north in his special place the casino and he would pay for the room. Same set up for me. Did background check. He was living at the address with his ex wife. I feel baffle her. He was on the site back when they had the same address. I hope she is clean or was smart and never let him tag her. He was her ex for a reason just like he is mine. Low life scum. Bottom feeder looking for his next victim. If you are desperate he is the one. after all you want a friend with benifits but you should beware of what kind. I would say go away then cum to him. Have some kind of self concern. Pigs lay in there own shit.

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