Jaide Barja — Austin, Texas


Jaide Barja is from Dallas originally and she didn’t even go to UTD but went to community college and still managed to sleep through all the kappa sigs over there. She has a beak for a nose, acne scars all over, and a fat muffin top she’s always trying to hide with her high top pants. She’s legitimately crazy when she’s drunk and will flip sh1t on all her friends If she doesn’t find a guy to go home with for the night. She’s always talking about her hookups and cries over the fact they never call her back the next day. The reason they never call back is that everyone KNOWS she’s the trashiest h0e in any city she’s in and will sleep with anyone who looks her way and gets crazy mad if a guy doesn’t want to sleep with her. Her friends never ever stay friends with her for long because she’s so annoying and clingy. She’s been on several sugar daddy websites sleeping around for 200-600 a pop.

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