Jeffrey G Smith — Connecticut

The Biggest liar and cheat I ever met. Caught him online trying to pick up young girls also posting pictures of his naked self onporn sites. Never trust what anyone tells you online. He is so nice and sweet tells you how beautiful you are blah blah. Do not believe him. Every porn site every dating site anywhere he can show off his chest and private areas. Tries not to show his face. Used Domain names which he buys online so no one knows who he is and what he is doing. Always after Russian woman or young girls. What a disappointment. From Old Lyme Ct but lies about where he lives too. Middle name Gordon so if you’re not sure who he is ask his middle name! He’s stupid enough to tell you. Why the domain names? so he can’t get caught and those companies could care less who you are or why you are buying a name from them. Bad bad bad. Woman beware. Not to mention the woman who are on those disgusting sites they advertise sex only with no regard to other women. What a bunch of pigs.

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