Jill Inman — Grants Pass, Oregon


This is Jill Inman. She used to live in Wasilla, Alaska, but now lives in Grants Pass, Oregon, and works at [REDACTED]. Watch out women if your man is in contact with this predator. de, This woman is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She goes around town and brags about getting men to do things for her, buy her things, and pay for trips. She likes to prey on men who are “friends” or coworkers. She doesn’t care if he is in a relationship or married with kids. de, She will try and make your man think she can do better for him. Even when the man turns her down she continuously tries to pursue him, even years later, all while being in a relationship herself. When her boyfriends leave her after finding out who she really is, she then goes around and tries to make everyone believe the man was the problem. When confronted about her behavior by the girlfriend or Wife she acts innocent and gives the line “we are just friends”. She doesn’t care whose life she will destroy. She doesn’t care if she breaks a family up. She even has kids of her own and leaves her kids home alone at night to go sl00t around. She is described by others as a woman who tries using her looks to get ahead in life because she has nothing else to offer anyone, at any time. Just another sl00tty, worthless, POS.

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