John "Delgatti" Delgado has given us bedbugs and herpes

Name: John Delgado
AKA: Delgatti
Age: Mid 40s
Contact Info: 5053071715
This is one disgusting story. Now let me preface, I’ve never left an online review of anything and wouldn’t normally care enough about someone
to report anything about them online. But this guy surely warranted a warning to people out there to be safe. A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT
John Delgado is the grossest human being, in Albuquerque. He seduced and had sexual relationships with hundreds if not thousands of Albuquerque youth both male and female and I’ve heard that he uses alcohol, drugs, and promises of money and fame to lure his victims into his bed as they turned 18 years old. It’s fair to think Mathew Mcchonehey in dazed and confused.. only in the real world that guy is disgusting. Well the singular sexual escapade in question that has me online submitting a review is one that involves his seduction and sexual interests in my youngest son Anderson. He just turned 18 and celebrated gis graduation, where he met John Delgado. Now, I know my son is as gay as they get, full Wong Foo is how he puts it.. but in this family we allow our children to be whomever they choose and to be proud of themselves unless of course those choices involve bringing home a 40 year old bachelor with 5 kids from one marriage and countless other bastards from random dalliance from high school graduates, and as my title suggests.. bed bugs and herpes. I admit it was a little funny in the beginning when Anderson came downstairs scratching. I laughed and told him that’s what he gets from hooking up with random men twice his age. Then the bedbugs spread to the rest of the house and the family started to form small cold sores on our mouths. Apparently my family shares the bad habit of drinking directly from the carton. Something that I’d never thought was too harmful until now. Now, I can’t believe how gross we were. Noone is laughing now. We’ve destroyed everything, burned our clothing and fumed the house 4 times and we are still plagued by the lice Please stay away from this perverted deviant, You don’t know how much you and everyone you know will thank you for heeding this advice. Be safe our there. Avoid play boys with bed bugs and cold sores.

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