Johnitta Cheney — Haysville, Kansas

My father name is James Allen ward he has been with this bitch for almost 5 years her named is johnitta cheney now and if you wondering why I called her a bitch it because of the way she has treated me and other people that she knew which almost 5 years ago when I first met my father girlfriend at my basketball game and when i first laid my eye on her my first thought was damn she look like whore why in the hell my father see in that slut I mean the way she look the way she dresses make you Wana think where in the hell he find her ugly ass at was it on south Broadway that he pick her up I mean she is a psycho bitch I mean she is crazy she messed up in her head and she love taking her drugs and SHIT I mean she get really high on her pill I mean she will go cray cray if she don’t have pill going down her throat and she supposedly have back problems and I seen her lifting heavy shit and I’m saying thing to myself well I think she making all this bullshit up so that people can feel sorry for the poor bitch I’m mean she just want to tell people that so everybody can feel sorry for her ass and she can get want she can out of them I mean u know it totally sad that some self center person allway want it to be about her and her damn bratty ass kids there gonna act like there mother when they grew up hell they already are like there mother shit I just think that the state would have taken custody of her kids that is how messed up she is I’m the way my father girlfriend is it toxic to people she tried to bran washing me about all of my medical conditions and stuff telling me that I’m mental retarded and shit and that I’m not perfectly can’t take care of my self I will admitted that I do have some special needs but I have a high note of special need and that I can drive I can cook and I can take care of my hygiene and still remember a lot of thing but let me get in detail on why I do not like my father girlfriend when I was living up in Kansas City and yes I was receiving ssi and that up in Kansas City thing didn’t go as what I want it to be but anyhow I ask my father if I can move in and that I can help out with rent and with ssi it all in that 1 amount of money there were no extra this or that she was supposed to used that money like it was supposed to go but instead it was whatever ever she wanted to spend it on instead of inprortant thing but the reason why she wanted me to moved down there was the fact that they can get extra money from me and that was really wrong for someone for them to do that to a person who has disability I have hearing and some learning skill but that doesn’t keep me from what I want to do with my life but she wasn’t very good with bugeting either my father and his girlfriend has been kick out by there landlord 3rd time it was because they were behind on rent because she blew it on stupid shit like on her self and the kids she has never gave a damn about people but her self and other but she is just not person that I wish she wouldn’t be my payee and that my father wouldn’t be any better cause all she would have to say to him jump and my father will say how high that is how she is controlling was to everybody and that she tell everyone that I know way to much about what she had told me and that I know and other people know that she cheating on my father with this guy name ed Tyler he play in the band called haywire that would be the person she would messed around with and I tried telling my father what she is doing and that he will believe her overy me and his family and that she really getting tired of my father calling her like a 1000 time a day to ask her what she doing if you have to call her that many time do u think you trust her I’m mean really if her have to call her to ask those questions but she said to me that she want to divorce him because of the thing he does and that don’t you think when you know someone for only less then a month and let my father moved in after two week and don’t know him enough to moved in with yall if you don’t know how he does thing or do don’t you think you might want to wait like six month to a year to decide wether or not if it somewhat that you want to spend the rest of your life with I’m mean they went way to Fast and I’m sure if she knew what my father was the way he is I’m sure u would not be with him at all but she is and was stupid to tell me about what the family history that they have in there dirty closet of there I’m mean my father girlfriend mother slept with her youngest daughter boyfriend in the bedroom when her mom husband was sleeping on the the couch and another story she don’t me that her youngestsister would screw the mail men while she married to the same men that he slept with her mother I mean I can tell why they can’t seem to be happy for what they are with shit there living in separate life I’m mean that was Not very shocking to me at all if she was doing it with another men then that mean she get it from her moma and her sister they been tought well but I will say this it will be suck for johnitta cheney cause she took my 3 month worth my check and it would be $1.500 that she took from me that was my money and that not only took mine she said that she was gonna pay back next week the $500 and they said that they will give my father brother back $300 for the washer and dryer so she owe people over $2000 and I hope that she get punished for it and that she would get a fine from social security and i reported her to the fraudthat she would not be anybody payee but I will say this do not let them ask if they can borrow or take payment from yall cause johnitta know how to rip people off they can buy there own stuff if they r in need of thing quite buying stupid crap that you don’t need and used the money to need to be used on bill rent and utilities a gas so think about what you wanting to do on help and that I hope my father can red this message and and think about I will say before letting her used anything or borrow money from you and and women hang on to your men keep hI’m as close to you at all time being around johnitta cheney feel free to past it on.

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