Kary Keith — Haysville, Kansas

My husband and I have been having problems in our marriage lately. We have been going to counseling and working on our relationship, until this woman stepped in. She took advantage of our marital problems to swoop in on my husband. She even convinced him to do some work on her, and her 5 kids’ cars. She told him she would give him a beat up old Mustang. He came home and got my 15 year old excited about having her own car. Little did I know they were talking about what they would like to do to each other behind my back. Then she messaged my husband, and I happened to see it first. He told me they had sex that morning. They both work 3rd shift and after work, she messaged him asking if he wanted to get together and f***. Being the idiot he is, he took her up on it. Now not only has she destroyed a marriage; my poor daughter is heart broken about not getting a car on top of it. My husband was a stupid a**hole, but she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew our marriage was weak (because he shared more than he should have with another woman), but just because she couldn’t keep her marriage, didn’t mean she needed to ruin someone else’s. Beware woman in the Wichita area, this insecure woman has no boundaries.

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