Krystal Doert — Santa Maria, California


This home wrecking low life piece of trash found her way into my life. She starting using my now ex to run errands for her cause she didn’t have a truck and needed junk picked up for her of free Craig’s list.. seriously who gets a free mattress for her kid to sleep on that was free on Craig’s list. This bitch doesn’t work lives off her daddy’s allowance that pays all her bills and pawns her kid off just so she can go party it up at the bar 45 mins away drink thank drive home or on the nights she gets lucky sleep with whatever man she can get that night. Thank my ex feel for her flirty ways. All the while we were together he would pick fights with me which eventually caused me to leave and even after I left he still denied being with her cause he was trying to win me back. Finally he came clean but for 3 years she stalked harrassed, text, emailed me their every move would send pictures of herself to make me jealous. She knew he was not single so that is what made the game an challenge fun for her.

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