Laura Marie Ulreich — Kansas City, Kansas

This nasty bitch wheres a ton of makeup to hide her demonic face. she is screwing my friends husband. picked him up in a Bar like she has many other men. told her she knew nothing of her or his bi polar illness or his addictions and said she wanted nothing more to do with him that he was crazy, which (By the way he really is.Bi polar disorder suppose to be on meds, OCD, narcissistic and sociopathic tendancies, cognitive thinking disorder, addictive gambler, a professional con artist and thief, alcoholic,addicted adulterer. then found out they are shacking up together. absolutely appalling. i feel so sorry for the the bitch who has children and is doing this to someone. left her husband so she could fuck other married men and rip families apart because she didnt want hers… thats not a reason to leave. a commitment is a committment, she has picked up other men and fucks them on her day off when her husband is at work. he knows nothing. she is a ugly short fat lying piece of shit dust that is going to get stepped on over and over again until she is nothing but air. BEWARE OF THE DEMON DISGUISED AS AN INNOCENT BITCH. she is a narcissistic troll who takes great pleasure in hurting anyone because she hurts. she is insecure and to make herself feel good takes what isnt hers and uses them to her advantage. this man is mentally ill but his wife still loved him.. and will always be there for him but is moving on…laura ulreich and shawn wiley both need help desperately in the worst way.Medication therapy, not alcohol.. dont be shy. shawn wiley will do anything apparently not even choosy anymore….my god shawn get some help…why downgrade from your beautiful intelligent loving wife to this nasty and not to mention very homely piece of shit and rip your family apart by a generational curse?? your wife loves you still…you still can redeem yourself with her and make it work….if i were you, i would certainly attempt to do so… im sure this NASTY would love to hear from anyone who can tell her what she has and is doing wrong….shawn you are one sick man and need help. they are both so very very ill and alcoholics to boot. shawn wiley WORK IT OUT WITH YOUR WIFE!!!!!!!! …your wife has every RIGHT to feel the way she feels and do what she feels she needs to do to fight for her family….that is love….something a narcassist will never know anything about….GET YOUR SICK SL*T TO BACK OFF MRS. WILEY NOW!!!!! you seem to think what you and this skank has done is ok. and this whore is hurting your wife even more by making false accusations… Your wife has done nothing wrong…you have and so has your slut!!!!! make it right with your wife, do the right thing and make it right again…dont be a cop out pussy your whole pitiful existance. show YOUR WIFE what a real man truly is and flee from the demonic influence of this devil bitch in one of its many forms, Laura Ulriech.look closely women. Laura Ulriech is the BEAST!!

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