Lupita Cepeda — Lemoore, California


My husband is a Navy Chief and we are currently stationed to a base in Lemoore, CA. He is deployed right now, so I have control of his Facebook account as well as all of his other personal accounts. I have access to them all of the time even when he is home and he has access to mine – I think this is important in a relationship just for this reason. He received a message from this woman who was obviously interested in him and asking him to meet her for drinks. It is obvious on his Facebook page that he is in Lemoore and in the military but it is also obvious that he is married with kids. I was beyond angry but pretended to be him to see what information I could get from this woman. I took some relief that they don’t seem to have any previous contact but when I told her that he was married she said that she didn’t mind as long as he didn’t. I told her the truth about actually being his wife and told her off for her attempt to wreck my home. I shared the information with some neighbors on base and long story short she is known to have done this to others in the past and to approach males she sees in uniform out in town – married or not. I am on here to give everyone a heads up and to hopefully put this to a stop. We are a close knit community here and need to look out for one another so keep a close eye out for this one.

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