Myriam Aispuro — Gilbert, Arizona


Single mom of 3 kids slept with a married man while his wife was at work. They met at Starbucks and messed around in her car (juvenile much?). This whore still lives with her mother. After she continuously lied to me saying they were just friends, there is nothing to worry about, they met at a hotel during the day (while his wife was working a 15 hr shift and he had been previously fired from his job). I realize they are both at fault, but you would think a mother would have more respect and morals instead of being a shitty role model and person. especially being, that she has daughters. AZ women, watch out! If you have a weak, selfish, inconsiderate husband, this slut is coming for them! Look out, AZ, she’s on the prowl (baby #4??)

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