Nicole Huber — Teutopolis, Illinois


This little bitch thinks it’s so funny to destroy relationships, and betray her friends. She’s cyberbullied so many people and hurt so many people’s feelings it’s not even funny, her sexuality recently changed to being “straight” instead of bisexual, because she used to date girls who treated her like shit. Well no wonder! She’s the ugliest, rudest, most insecure bitch you’ll ever meet. It all started out sometime in September, I had a panic attack at my performing Arts co-op due to stress, because I had been getting into a lot of arguments with my boyfriend Dylan, over the fact he was being a dick and treating me like shit, and also hanging out with people who have been bullying me and making lots of harmful threats to me, but like he even cared. So, as soon as I got home I told him about the panic attack while on a Facetime, and he just looked over and said “Oh” and I said “Umm do you even care?” and he said “I do care” and I said “Well you sure as hell aren’t acting like it” and then we got into an argument again, which was the exact reason I had that goddamn panic attack in the first place, so a week after that happened I got a hangout message from Dylan saying he was in the hospital because of “back issues” and broken back discs in his spine, so I wished him luck and told him I loved him, an hour passed and he messaged me again only saying he was in the hospital because of “stress issues” as well so again I wished him luck, and told him how much I loved him, and I even apologized for the arguments we’ve been having even though I had a legit reason to argue with him for the bad shit he was doing, but not once did he apologize for any of it. So soon after he started accusing me, saying it was MY FAULT he was in the hospital because of stress issues, and saying how if he dies it’ll be all my fault, so I told him to stop accusing me in a very calm way, since I thought if I started arguing again he’d get too stressed out and be in a very life threatening condition, so I ignored it and went to the group chat with my friends to vent about my issue with Dylan, little did I know Dylan was in this group chat. So I told everyone about how Dylan was accusing me of it being my fault he was in the hospital even though I had nothing to do with it, then Nicole came along and said “Well you know, it IS your fault Dylan is in the hospital” And at the time, this girl was supposed to be my FRIEND! So I shot back at her and told her to cut it out, and how it wasn’t my fault he was in the hospital at all, I got so irritated I removed her from the chat to prevent myself from going off on her ass, then Dylan appeared on the chat and said “dude” then added Nicole back to the chat, so MORE problems could occur! So I removed her again and I removed Dylan this time so he wouldn’t get too stressed out, then Nicole private messaged me and told me to go and kill myself, I was in total shock. I private messaged him and told him that girl was bad news and he needed to block her, but then he kept on making up excuses as to why he couldn’t block her, then he finally gave in and said “Alright, I’ll block her”. A few hours later, it was about 10 PM at night and I got a message from this woman named “Sabrina” who knew Nicole in real life, and she said “Nicole just sent me tons of screenshots, of her and Dylan talking behind your back on Facebook” and I was just like WHAT??! So I asked her to send me the screenshots, and she sent them. I was shocked. Dylan first of all, didn’t block Nicole like he said he was going to, second of all, they were talking shit behind my back! Dylan was calling me a “cheater” and a “liar” I never cheated on him ONCE! He was making up total lies to Nicole, and Nicole was even telling him lies about me that he was believing, I got so aggravated I ran outside and started crying, the next day Dylan broke up with me and called me all kinds of names, I was in tears begging for him not to leave me, but of course he didn’t listen. That night, I found out Dylan had gotten with Nicole, when I regained his password to his account that he gave to me during our relationship, and saw all the proof that they had gotten together, I was crying even harder at this point. As soon as I found out, I had beef with Nicole, I couldn’t BELIEVE this little bitch had the NERVE to steal my boyfriend, and make up lies about me. The both of them were spreading rumors that I threatened to kill Dylan, which I never did, all their friends believed it and totally hated me and turned against me. Even lied that I was bullying HER, when she was the one being a bully towards me and she knew it! She doesn’t give one fuck if you want your boyfriend back or not, she’ll keep him like the selfish little bitch she is and blocked me after I got after her for stealing my boyfriend like that, but again she didn’t even care. Her immature ass was making little LPS videos out of her new relationship with Dylan. When me and Dylan became at least friends again, we were phone calling one night and he admitted to me over the phone call that he was only lying about being in the hospital because of stress, for attention. Which didn’t surprise me, because he’s just a little asshole. Months and months later, Dylan decided he wanted to get back with me again, so I said yes and we started dating again, but not even 2 days into getting back together he decides to break up with me again because NICOLE was spreading lies that she was still in a relationship with Dylan, and he was still protective over her and all that shit, and it stressed him out so much he broke up with me and said he’s done with relationships for good, I was just upset all over again. Well, days passed and Dylan private messaged me on Facebook saying he’s getting with someone I hate, and I firstly said “Who? I thought you said you were done with relationships!” and he said “I’m not saying because you’ll start shit” then we broke out into an argument again, he started calling me all kinds of names like a “whore” and a “slut” all because I had a crush on more than one guy, hell I haven’t even come close to hugging any of them and he considers me a slut? He’s a fucking fuckboy for crushing on several girls during relationships, because even when he was dating Nicole he had a crush on several different girls I didn’t even know of! After the argument passed he had blocked me, I asked Shelby who this “secret person” was and she told me he had gotten back together with Nicole, that DID IT FOR ME! I am totally sick of this bitch not giving a care, stealing Dylan from me whenever the hell she feels like it, and completely taking control over him! Like when the hell is it gonna end? she was threatening to press charges on me if I even messaged her about the fact she kept stealing my guy away from me countless times. Just know, this little slut thinks she’s the shit and she’s better than everyone else, and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Knowing I had depression, and me supposed to be her friend but her telling me to “kill myself” and stealing my boyfriend is way too damn far, this bitch deserves to be blasted all over the internet for her cyberbullying, and her slutty actions and dick moves, this girl will lie to you any fucking second, especially when she’s spreading rumors about others.

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