Nina Christine Cash: Sacramento C_M Dumpster

Lying, cheating Sacramento Cum Dumpster Nina Christine Cash

She goes by various names depending on who she’s married to or divorced from at the moment, including Nina Cash, Nina Christine, Nina Albo, and Nina Morin.

This slut sleeps around from one relationship to another, often with multiple guys on the side to satisfy her endless need for d!ck. She enjoys rough sex with alpha male blue collar guys who slap her around and choke her while they’re fcking her. She even slept with her baby-daddy’s father for revenge. She keeps a stable of Beta-Cucks and simps in her bullpen to give her constant attention. Oh, and she’s had her tubes tied, so she never uses condoms, which means her 40+ year old snatch carries more diseases than a Chinese Wetmarket. She’ll let any skeezy guy bust inside of her on the first date.

Nina Cash has crapped out 3 semi-feral children from different baby daddies, which she has barely taken care of. Only one of them has any potential to contribute to society, and that’s because the child lives with the father.

Although she portrays herself as a good Christian, her whorish behavior proves otherwise. Her body is covered in sh!tty tattoos that look like they were done in prison, and she dyes her hair various colors to attract attention and make herself seem younger. All of her social media pictures are heavily filtered to hide the real mileage on her body. This is one skank who was rode hard and put away wet. Literally.

I’m not gonna talk about all the drug abuse in case there’s a word limit here.

To top it all off, she has a criminal record that includes a credit fraud conviction, and a charge for hiding her juvenile and delinquent kid from the authorities. She moves from state to state every few years, looking for a fresh start. Currently she’s riding the Cock Carousel in the Sacramento area. Stay away from these rotten leftovers.

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