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ALL WOMEN NEED TO BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!! this home wrecking w**** likes to go after “taken” men!! She grew up and lives in Wichita, ks. She likes to play a victim to men who are down on life and pretends to be their “friend”. I know of more than one family she has done this to. I’m not of those who believe it’s all on her, just seems those are the ONLY 1s she goes after. She’s even been accused of trapping men with both fake and real pregnancies. She has a grown son, Chris a daughter Lacey and small daughter Emily!! So just keep eyes on your men ladies because if they are looking for attention she is more than happy to give it to them. Her grown children don’t even approve of her lifestyle is what I’ve been told, especially her son! When I heard about her the first time i just shrugged it off as another drunk w**** but hearing her name from more than one group of people than I thought ALL women should be warned! I was also told she likes to lie about having sex with men if contacted by the women….sodon’t always believe her without a ittle /into your man’s life. she also likes to send fake or other people’s sonogram pictures and hotel receipts if the women don’t believe her. And being a friend of her’s does not keep you or your man “safe”!!!!!!!

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  1. You are so funny 🙂 Be aware of a 47 overweight with almost all gray hair half white/Mexican woman trying to steal your man… I am sure the line is long. Lmao… if this bothers you after 10 yrs and your still married to him then I would consider getting a divorce or letting it go… js… but I do have a good laugh that you are stalking me. Anjent Scheussler

  2. And your son is a CHILD KILLER. IF you wanna put everything out there on the internet. Poor Emma didn’t deserve what she got from your very own son. She would still be alive and if it wasn’t for your son. You must have been the best mom ever…

  3. June 4, 2018 marks four years since the death of a 3-year-old Wichita girl, Emma Krueger.

    3-year-old Emma Krueger died after being found not breathing inside an apartment complex in June of 2014.

    Hospital staff reported to police that Emma was found with head injuries and bruises. Emma died from her injuries 2 days later.

    Wichita mom, boyfriend charged with murder in toddler’s death
    Among those in attendance was the Bunn and Brewer family, who know all too well the pain of losing a child to abuse.

    The community gave speeches and released lanterns celebrating baby Emma’s life.

    Krueger and her boyfriend, 24-year-old Evan Schuessler were arrested for abuse and later charged with murder. Prosecutors said Krueger knew Schuessler was abusing the girl but did not report it.

    Krueger is currently serving a 72 month sentence after pleading guilty to second-degree murder.

  4. Sedgwick County judge on Tuesday sent a Wichita man to prison for more than 16 years for his role in the beating death of his girlfriend’s daughter, 3-year-old Emma Krueger. The 199-month sentence comes a little more than a month after Evan Schuessler pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional murder and child abuse in connection with the killing.

    It was the maximum penalty he could have received under Kansas law.

    District Judge Steve Ternes, who presided over Schuessler’s sentencing hearing Tuesday morning, said in court that he had no intention of following the recommendations for a shorter sentence set forth in a plea agreement that had been negotiated for Schuessler by prosecutors and his defense attorney. That agreement suggested a total of 165 months in prison for the 24-year-old, who police say took part in beating Emma for maybe a month before she was taken to a Wichita hospital on June 2, 2014, unresponsive and with bruises covering her body.

    She died two days later after doctors determined she was brain dead and removed her life support. Schuessler and Emma’s mother, Monica Krueger, were arrested while she was hospitalized and later charged with her death.

    Schuessler was not Emma’s father but was thought of as such by the girl. On Tuesday, Ternes called her death at the hands of caretakers “tragic.”

    “You were given a treasure in Emma, an opportunity to teach and nurture and love a child. And instead this relationship has ended in violence and death,” he told Schuessler before pronouncing his prison sentence: 165 months for murder and 34 months for child abuse that must be served back-to-back.

    “I trust and respect these lawyers. I understand their motivation for negotiating a plea agreement in this case,” Ternes continued. But, he said, “if the murder of a child doesn’t merit the maximum penalty allowed by law, I don’t know what does.”

    Schuessler showed little emotion throughout the hearing.

    Emma’s aunt, Meghan Lloyd, in court remembered her niece as a “brilliant, bright” and happy girl who by age 2 already could recite the alphabet, count and speak some Spanish. She told Ternes she wanted people to think of Emma like that rather than as an abuse victim.

    “She was so full of life. I don’t think that there’s any sentence that could bring our family justice or ever bring her back.”

    Under the terms of his plea agreement, Schuessler cannot appeal his conviction or sentence. Initially, he had been charged with first-degree felony murder in Emma’s death.

    He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and other crimes in October before the start of his scheduled jury trial.

    Despite his plea, Schuessler on Tuesday maintained his innocence in Emma’s death, saying he was merely a bystander who should have recognized and reported the abuse. Reading from a written statement during his hearing, he said: “I often ask myself if this could have been prevented. The answer is yes. Am I to blame? No.”

    Emma’s death came about three weeks after a resident of Falcon Pointe Apartments, 4244 S. Hydraulic, called 911 asking police to check on her. Police made it to the right building on May 10, 2014, but didn’t find Emma, in part because they were given the wrong apartment number.

    The girl lived there with her mother and Schuessler.

    Monica Krueger, who also pleaded guilty last month in connection with Emma’s death, is scheduled for sentencing Dec. 3 on counts of second-degree reckless murder and obstructing prosecution.

    She is expected to receive no more than 10 years and three months in prison if her sentencing judge follows the recommendations in her plea agreement.

    Amy Renee Leiker: 316-268-6644, @amyreneeleiker

    Sedgwick County Jail inmates now have tablets they can download music, movies, games on
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    JANUARY 03, 2021 04:37 AM,
    The jail rolled out the tablets in November to all of its housing units.

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  5. Keep slandering my name bitch after everything you and your family has done to the community by raising a child killer and I will take everything you own. Not that I need it just payback. Nobody wants your shitty ass property or all the bullshit you have after 49 yrs of being here on earth. But I will happily take it from you if you keep putting my name on internet. Your husband is the real cheater and you are still with him. What kind of a woman does that make you? One child killed at 16 and the other in prison for 18 yrs for killing a 3 yr old. So great at being a parent.. you need to write a book at what not to do and what to do at parent and being a wife. Lol just so I can do the opposite Lmfao. You slander me over some bullshit 10 yrs ago when your own son murdered a child in 2014. You want to internet fight let’s go bitch. Or you can come to my house. . 201 N. Main South Haven, KS 67140 Google that shit. I will be here.

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