1220 Mokuhano Street, Hawaii Kai 96825
Lives with one of his Honolulu girlfriends PEI WU who he found on Tinder. He also dates several other women simultaneiously. According to him he will take what he can get, meaning that he wills ay and do whatever to get laid. His wife since 2008 lives in his hometown in Puerto Rico, she moved there after he screwed her best friend in Honolulu.
Ramses X Rosa is a 59 year old Puerto Rican who lies about everything in his life. He calls himself Franco, his real name is Ramses Xavier Rosa Mercader. He says he is a bachelor and a gentleman, he is nothing but. He travels to see his wife every second month. At the same time Ramses dates several women in Honolulu simultaneously. When he meets a new woman he says he is a loner who has never been married or lived with a woman his entire life. He says he might end up single for the rest of his life. Surprise! Public records show he has been married at least 3 times to foreign nationale women, and at least 2 of his ex- wifes shared the same address. Ramses loves to talk about his current wife as if she is his friend only, he even uses a photo of him and his wife together on Halloween 2014 on his Tinder dating page, stating that she is his best friend. When caught in his lie he says they only remain married so she can get a Green Card in the U.S. Ramses chases after women in Waikiki and on Tinder. He lies to get laid. He says he is from Spain originally to sound more exotic, he is Puerto Rican only, born and raised. He says he graduated from a college in San Diego, he is uneducated and can´t even spell the most simple English words. He says he traveled the world for work and water sports competition, that he is an extrepreneur who owns two condo units in Honolulu and that he is the sole property owner in Puerto Rico – all BS. He works for Honolulu Ocean Safety on the beach, and he spreads herpes!

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