Roxana caro & family. "LA PUTAS"

Narcissist family members will deny and lie to protect each other and the family dysfunction.They want to keep pretending that nothing is wrong.If you speak up and acknowledge the family abuse, lies and manipulation they will unite and turn on you, Then convince themselves that they are a strong united family. “Pseudomutuality” a term related to narcissistic families. The Caro’s facade is to appear to have a high level of connection and agreement but fact is they have a very dysfunctional, harmful, and highly destructive relationship behind the public image. Roxana caro is a full blown narcissist that surrounds herself with people who enable her behavior. Ignore her narcissistic behavior & encourage her behavior. Her 2 siblings osmany caro & Veronica caro are prime examples Pseudomutuality. Instead of having the courage & morals to hold their sister roxana caro accountable for her actions of lying to steal money, lying to steal a house not belonging to her, lying to keep her son from having a relationship with his dad, They instead remain silent, yet behind closed doors encourage Roxana caro behavior. Anyone who tries to hold this family accountable will be accused and blamed of the same exact things the narcissist Roxana caro is guilty of. Roxana caro is TRASH, TROUBLE, THIEF, TRIFLING, THEATRICAL, TASTELESS !!

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