Sabrina Navarro — Arizona

BEWARE OF SABRINA NAVARRO!!! I was warned by her so-called friend, Jessica Ferch, who told me that she will, and was only using me for money. She has no problem or issue throwing around the word Love to you, to get what she wants. She uses men to her ability, to get her’s!! She will tell you the sad life story that how rough she had it while she was with each one of her kid’s dads! Which by the way, she has three babies Daddies!!! And knowing that, I let my guard down and gave her the benefit of the doubt, and took a chance anyway. When again her friend Jessica, reminded me of that as well as how many kids dad‘s she has. And I quote, what Jessica‘s exact words were to me, knowing that Sabrina, has 3 baby daddies, should tell me something. I can go on and on about Sabrina and how her true colors finally came out, and who she is as a person!! And this part of the message goes out to the guy she’s dating now, if you think you’re the only one that will ever receive pictures like this, think again! Sabrina and I parted ways on November 28, 2020. As you can see the timestamp on these pics, they’re dated for the day before on the 27th! I have more explicit pictures and videos of her, so like I said if you think you’re the only guy that ever receives them, or will ever receive them. Not true!! de, Sabrina is not girlfriend material, as she’s definitely not wife material!! Sabrina is so desperate to get married, from what she’s told me, she’s been told by her family time and time again, that she will never get a house, she will never get married, and she’s out to prove them wrong!! So again, you prove that she will use whatever she can to get and where she needs to be. And keep this in the back of your head or in your mind, I’m sure that you knew Sabrina was in a relationship, but she proved to you that she will cheat and step out on a relationship to get what she wants. So she not only proved to you that she’s a cheater!! But also she’s a liar!! And for yourself, you proved to yourself, and to her, that you knowing if a woman is in a relationship, you will do anything to persuade her that you’re a better fit for that person!! So when you sum it up, you both prove to each other from the start and the get-go. That you both are capable of cheating on one another in time!! And finally, to sum it all up. There are two phrases, de, That go very well and fit Sabrina perfectly!! Sabrina is the neighborhood bicycle, everyone has had a ride on it!! And the second phrase, Sabrina is like a doorknob, everyone’s had a turn!! And when you’re out in public with your so-called significant other, think about all the men or guys, you both may pass, And her thinking to herself, damn I remember that guy, I’ve been with him too!!

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