Sage Recco, High fuctioning SOCIOPATH *BEWARE*

Sage Tyler Recco, Dob: July 4th, 1992, place of work: Ashley Furniture in Fairlawn, ohio

Worst thing to happen since the dawn of time. She is devil spawn. She will lie and manipulate and definitely cheat. She will not even tell the truth when its obvious shes lying. Case in point, she cheated on my buddy (for who knows how long) i had my suspicions but my buddy wouldnt even consider it. That is until she brought home an Sexually Transmitted Disease. Even then she went to both families and even online and blasted my buddy for his infidelity and “dirtiness”…then not to my surprise, he tested negative. But she continued to spread the word that he gave it to her. And even now, tries to convince others that he was abusive and that hes currently in prison. Well, i have seen her first hand, attack him physically. And no, he is not in prison. She continues to spread rumors and falsehoods. Shes unbelievable. Watchout men, women, and children. Shes out there. Plotting her next victims doom.

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