Shae Lynn Mortimer — California

This sorry excuse of life is my biological sister same mom same dad. Unfortunately, she didn’t learn proper etiquette or manners and didn’t quite grasp the concept of morals and standards because not only did she fuk my 1st baby daddy 16 yrs ago when my now 18 yr old was 2 but after 7 yrs of not talking to the disgusting slore and forgiving her I stupidly allowed her back into my life. Until she starts doing meth and cheating on her baby daddy. She abandons her 2 kids with me and takes off. One day my 4 yr old catches her daddy and that pos low life bottom feeder fkin and tells me about it. de, Now they r together and have a place together. She has fked all her friend’s husbands and baby daddy. She truly is a worthless gutter ratchet swamp donkey and will suck any d1ck just to get high.

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