Shajive Ragunath – Canada

After a few years, he finally has email-transferred 33 dollars of his own food bill from that night in 2018. The previous post on this man in 2018 can be ignored.

I will tell you that he may have changed or not. I will never know the truth because he told me that he only talked to me over these years in fear that I will do or post something and ruin “his life”.

What happened that night in 2018 was that he refused to leave the Airbnb room that I booked. When he told me he drove to this city from Whitby and did not bring his credit cards, or wallet etc. That I should pay for his Skip the Dishes order. I did not want to since I already paid $100 for the room who he did not even offer to SPLIT it. He was working full time and has a good job, while I was studying and just working a part-time minimum wage job. I said no I am not paying for your food and you can leave. He said whatever nice, cute words just to stay. Obviously, he wanted to stay just for more sex. I am assuming that.

But over these years, he said he got fired or quit from his job because of that post I made. He said he paid all the MEALS for his Ex-Girlfriends and she left him because of the post I made. He also told me that his arranged marriage failed because of me….. basically.

I attached screenshots as proof because I know men like that will just call me a crazy girl who likes to lie.

I was obviously so hurt in 2018 that I made that post, how would you feel as a female who paid everything and the guy just leaves you there at night alone. Plus you were half awake and he just laughed at me saying did you really think that I did not bring my wallet …. and he showed me his wallet with his credit cards inside.

I am not saying Shajive is an awful man but maybe he treats every FEMALE really good and it was just only me he is toxic too. We both admitted to each other that we are toxic to each other.

The thing is I do not believe someone can be toxic to you, there is a saying. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

He apologized for his actions but denies what he said to me that night and keeps saying he really did not bring his wallet with him 2-hour drive away from Whitby.

I do not want to “Ruin his rep”. Just letting everyone know he has the ability to show his good side and maybe he will treat you good and that night I just got the worst side of him. He paid me back the 33 dollars, and that was not the exact amount. It was 33.05 but still, at least in 2021 he finally paid me back.

Although it was more out of fear than actually feeling sorry but he still paid the money back.

Be careful out there ladies and don’t trust the nice words of a man, the whole time he could just be trying to manipulate you. Good Luck!

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