SriVani Sulam — Gaithersburg, Maryland


Few days after my marriage to SriVani Sulam, She was asking for 10,000 USD to pay off debts. I came to know my wife was flirting with my friend. I have audio messages to verify. The theme of their conversation is to use me to come to America, and then run away together. Then when I left to go to America, she was flirting with her best friend’s husband. We had many arguments over the phone and when she finally came to America she was unwilling to be part of the family. My wife came here on a 2 year conditional green card. She immediately requested another house and 10,000 USD to pay off a debt. She refused to move to another state costing me too loose two jobs. After one argument she left the house. I told her lets go to India or to Florida for some time. She refused and asked for money and a house. She later lived with a man name Garry Butler who supposed shelters, shattered and abused women supported by Valley Forge Baptist Temple, a church in Collegeville, PA, which I was raised in. He informed me that he is also a psychologist and or therapist. I also later learned she had backup men near Pennsylvania. I divorced her, as suggested by a lawyer. She asked for$ 9,000 dollars in order to sign the divorce papers. Two years later, she married Jon Macphee. She continued to contact my relatives breaching the divorce terms. She has physically, emotionally, and financially abused me. She has destroyed our home and the homes of few others, a true homewrecker.

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