Timothy Wayne Newton – Mesa, Arizona


AKA Tim Warcloud. I hear he has been cheating forever and won’t stop for any woman. His first wife was a pregnant 15 y.o. He was 22 and had his wife walk in on him having sex with her sister. He brags about having sex with teachers, all the cheerleaders at school, and over 500 women. He has for several years had sex with prostitutes and even men. While married he was secretly engaged to at least 2 women who were also married. He often tries to hook up with anyone on Facebook as well as posts profiles on sites like Plentyoffish. He lies about his age, background, ethnicity, occupation, and number of children.

He moves fast, tries to hook you before you learn the truth about him. I should have dumped him when he resisted showing his ID to rent a house with me, he had been lying about his age. I later kept finding out about more and more children he kept secret. My marriage was like a nightmare. Every time I looked at his phone, inappropriate messages popped up. He had his co-worker say they were just scamming women for money. We went to counseling and I trusted him. I was the fool. He never stopped trying to cheat. He favors dumb, desperate women. I told the husband of one of them.

He only says bad things about me. Before I found out, I was trying to get pregnant but he was telling other women he wanted to settle down and start a family! He actually has several families! Tim Newton is pathological but acts like a straight-up conservative family man.

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