Torino Teniel Cooley — Raleigh, North Carolina


This woman Torino Teniel Cooley lied on her marriage certificate stating she is from New York but put down she is from North Carolina on the childbirth certificate. She never reported to SS that she got married. At the beginning of 2016, his ex found her & the judge granted his divorce to her. When her son was only a toddler she left him at a crack house because he wasn’t light skin enough. In 2016 she got paid by an African man to marry him so he can get his American Citizenship. She still lives with him in Raleigh, NC. I got proof of the birth certificate & marriage certificate. She lies online & a paper stating she a high school graduate from Enloe. She went to Enloe but dropped out. She lies that she went/going to Wake Tech Community College on Facebook under the name Trina Cooley. She never did. In the summer of 2017, she met her son for the first time in 16 years that she left in the crack house. 2 weeks after meeting him she kicked him out of her house because the African that she got married to get his American Citizenship didn’t want him staying there because he is half white. I intend to expose what a bad mother she is & her committing illegal activity. I got the birth certificate & marriage license to report her. All I need is proof that she got married an African man for illegal reasons.

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