Zachery Dow — Saskatchewan, Canada

Zachery Dow, better known as Zachery Cow, or “Pinkman” is a Canadian man from Saskatchewan and thinks he is a badass when in reality he is just a nobody. There have been several occasions in which he has had explicit conversations with minors, and even more of him pathetically running his mouth, only to run scared after and show he is incapable of finishing what he has started. He is a sicko, a fool, and quite honestly a joke. He is obsessed with the people who become his enemies and wants to stalk every aspect of their life and try talking perverted about their boyfriends and girlfriends. And according to his sister, and other relatives, and his past girlfriends and baby momma, he is a woman beater, abuses drugs, alcohol, and his child when given the chance, and has no family left because he has burnt those bridges. de, He is a “man” if we can even consider him on with the knowledge we have about him, that needs psychological help, imprisonment, and rehabilitation.

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